Soundswest - Apps for Remote Healing, Scalar Waves and More...


This software works on computers, laptops and tablets running Windows 7 through 11.

All software is available by download. Once you buy the software, you are sent a download link and serial number to activate it via email. Once the software is activated, you don't have to be online to run the programs. Activation is only required once per computer. The serial number will activate on 3 computers.

RadionX - Software for Remote Healing and Color Therapy

Radionics software

RadionX is software for remote healing intention experiments and color therapy. It's very easy to use for anyone and powerful. It uses the following technologies :

  • Scalar waves
  • Color therapy
  • Chakras and chakra frequencies
  • Conventional science in code and carrier transmission
  • Quantum physics principles
  • Has 10 easy to use presets for remote healing intentions that cover all areas of health
  • All you need are over-the-ear headphones and your computer
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Scalar Wave Generator - Software for Generating Scalar Waves

Scalar Wave Generator Main

Scalar Wave Sweep Generator

Scalar Wave Generator Software generates scalar waves at an audio frequency that you put in. It also has a Scalar Wave Sweep frequency generator. This can be used to experiment with Rife Frequencies, Chakra Frequencies, Pain Relief Frequencies and Universal Healing Frequencies.

  • Scalar waves
  • Scalar wave sweep frequency generator
  • Sine or Square waves
  • Export to wave files
  • Smart Sweep
  • Experiment with mysterious scalar waves!
  • All you need are over-the-ear headphones or speakers and your computer
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